Gecko Quilts

Professional Long Arm Quilting
  • Seasonal pantographs is a promotion that runs all year long featuring select pantograph designs that are unique to that season, (winter, spring, summer and fall) at a reduced price. Each season is 3 months long and are only offered during that season.
  • Quilter's Dozen is an ongoing promotion that is being updated in January 2015. In 2015 and going forward, customers who bring me 12 quilts (over time), will get their 13th quilt 50% off of any of the regular price pantographs with out the minimal charge applying to it (so if you want a baby quilt as your 13th quilt it will be 50% off the square inch price...say your sq inch price is $30.00, than you will only end up paying $15.00). 

Promotions have been a big part of Gecko quilts in the first 9 years, and will continue to be in the future.