Quilting Options

Gecko Quilts offers 2 pantograph quilting services, Seasonal Pantographs & Regular Pantographs. The pricing structure is based upon the area (in square inches) of your quilt top. Both are subjected to the $50.00 minimum quilting charge.


1) Seasonal Pantographs are special pantograph designs that are being offered for the 3 months listed only. Plus are at special pricing. The special pricing is as follows...Quilts that are 70"X70" (or 4,900 sq inch) will be $50.00. Quilts that are larger (or 4,901 sq inch & up) will be 25% of the regular pantograph pricing ($0.015 per sq inch).

2) Regular Pantographs are all of the other pantographs that I offer and are priced at $0.015 per sq inch (L X W X $0.015).

Thread Options

Gecko Quilts uses Superior Threads and there are 2 types to choose from...

1) So Fine: A solid thread that comes in a lot of colors (your choice) and is free with all quilting options.

2) Lava: A variegated thread in various color options that you can be used instead of the So Fine Thread for a $10.00 thread charge per quilt.

*Both options use the same type/color that you choose for the top and the bobbin thread.

Binding Options

Gecko Quilts offers2 types of binding services to choose from...

1) Binding Basic: Double fold/mitered corners- a non bias binding used on straight edged quilts. Customer provides 1 yd (1 1/4 yd for king sized quilts) of fabric for binding. Gecko Quilts will cut 2 1/2" binding strips and machine sew binding to the front side of the quilt top only. Any excess fabric will be returned to the customer at quilt pick up appointment. Price is $0.20 per linear inch of quilt perimeter.

2) Binding Basic Plus: same as binding basic but also includes Gecko Quilts to hand sew the attached binding down to the back of the quilt. Price is $0.35 per linear inch of quilt perimeter.

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