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How To Prepare Your Quilt Top For Long Arm Quilting

  1. When piecing your quilt blocks be sure that your seam allowances are , any thing less will cause weak seams and may fall apart when put on the long arm machine.

  2. When attaching your borders, for the width lay quilt top on a large surface or on the floor and measure through the center of the quilt top across the width. This is the measurement that you will cut the top and bottom borders. Sew them on and press seams towards the border strips. For the side borders lay quilt top out flat and this time measure through the length in the middle of the top including the top and bottom borders you just added, this is the measurement that you will cut your side borders. Sew them on and press the seams towards the border strips.

  3. The batting you provide for your quilt must measure at least 8" larger than your quilt top measurements. So if your quilt top is 50" X 60" than your batting must be 58" X 68", Gecko Quilts will not be responsible for piecing or squaring up odd shape batting pieces to get the proper size needed, please double check that it is the correct size before your appointment.

  4. The backing you provide must measure at least 8" larger than your quilt top measurements. So if your quilt top is 50" X 60" than your backing must be 58" X 68", there will be no exceptions. If you need to piece your back please cut off all selvages, use a seam allowance and press the seam(s) open. Also please square up your back, and press before dropping it off for quilting.  

  5. Please trim off all long threads from the back of the quilt top and make sure all of the seams are secure. Seams that are not secure will pull apart during the quilting process, so make sure you back track all of your seams. Gecko Quilts is not responsible for seams that pull apart do to poor seam construction.

  6. Press quilt top & backing before dropping it off for quilting.

  7. Do not attach any trims, notions or decorative items to the quilt top before it is to be quilted by Gecko Quilts.

  8. Mark the top of the quilt with a piece of paper using a safety pin to attach it if there is a definite top or bottom to your quilt (this is helpful if choosing a one directional pantograph or pattern for your quilt design or if your quilt has a directional design on it that is not obvious).

  9. Do not baste your quilt layers together before bringing them to Gecko Quilts, the layers are loaded onto the machine separately.

  10. Please print and fill out the order form on the web site as best as you can before coming for your appointment. This will make it easier and faster when dropping off the quilt.

  11. Call to schedule an appointment to drop off or to discuss any work to be done on a quilt and to get an estimate.

  12. When the quilt is finished I will call you to schedule an appointment for you to pick up your quilt and give you the final price (usually the estimate price plus the tax if there is any).

  13. Payment is due in full at time of pick up & quilts need to be picked up and paid for within 2 weeks of completion any quilts that don't get picked up within 2 weeks with out arranging something prior with Gecko Quilts at time of drop off (due to vacations etc...) Will end up being the property of Gecko Quilts and will either be donated to charity or sold on this website to recoup the cost of quilting. As of now we only accept exact cash, US checks. No deposits are necessary at the time for drop off. 

  14. Check the Gecko Quilt's website for the most recent and accurate pricing and promotions (old brochures will not be honored).

  15. My turn around time is usually around 2-4 weeks except for the months of October-May which can be as long as 3 months. You can call ahead and reserve an appointment to drop off your quilt top which will reserve your  pick up time/completion of your quilt. There will be no exceptions to this for Gecko Quilts is strictly a first come first serve business. All customers are treated the same no matter if you are a snow bird visiting seasonally or a full time resident. 

  16. Gecko quilts has a $50.00 minimum quilting fee. This includes wall hangings all the way up to king size bed quilts. 

  17. When choosing thread colors it is best to choose colors that blend/ match for the top & bobbin thread choices. This will reduce the "pokies" effect  on the backing fabric (pokies are the contrasting thread poking through to the other side of the quilt). Really thin battings can also cause thread tension problems.

  18. Another option is to choose a printed backing fabric, not only will it camouflage the  pokies effect but will also help hide the starts and stops of the quilting process.

  19. When using dark fabrics for quilt top & backing it is best to use a black batting, if lighter colored batting is used you will have the batting fibers showing on the dark backing of the quilt.

  20. Gecko Quilts has a 12ft quilting table and there for in able to provide proper tension when quilting the largest quilt top size that Gecko Quilts is able to do is 110" wide X 114" long. This will allow the required 8" larger (length and width) for the batting and backing fabric to fit on Gecko Quilts long arm machine.

  21. If you are new to quilting or just new to using a long arm quilter you may be wondering what a "pantogragh" is. A pantogragh is a a continuous design (Gecko Quilts have a large variety to choose from) that is stitched from edge to edge on all four edges of the quilt top that range from low density, medium density and high density designs. It is also known as edge to edge designs/quilting by some.

  22. In order to keep turn around times to 2-4 weeks Gecko Quilts will only be offering pantogragh quilting. We will not be doing any custom work, separate borders, stitch in the ditch etc.... 98% of all quilting done in the past 7 years of business has been pantogragh quilting so this decision has been made to provide the quickest turn around times for the majority of Gecko Quilts customers.

  23. Also in 2008 Gecko Quilts has eliminated several other services that it previously offered, such as batting, wide quilt backs and custom embroidered quilt labels. They were eliminated do to the rising costs of providing these services.

  24. Gecko Quilts has decided to break the pantogragh designs into 4 categories, this way the customer will be able to have more control over the cost of quilting by the designs she chooses. All 4 types of pantographs count towards the accumulation of the Quilter's Dozen Promotion. However only the low density and medium density pantogragh designs will be used on the 13th quilt.     

  25. There will be additional charges for services that aren't included in the quilting charge, such as squaring up the batting or backing prior to loading the quilt on the machine for quilting (due to increasing amount of backs and batts being dropped off either larger than the "8" larger than the quilt top" measurement or because of it being unsquare and not ready for loading on the machine). Also a charge for trimming up the quilt after the quilt has been quilted (due to the large request of keeping this service but I needed to start charging due to the cost of replacing the rotary blades).

  26. Gecko Quilts no longer does T-Shirt Quilts too many have had to be turned down because of interfacing used or the type of t-shirts used (long arm needles have a hard time stitching through the heavy decals). Most T-shirt quilts should be either custom quilted, or tied & not all over designs/pantographs quilted on them.

Send mail to webmaster@geckoquilts.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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